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Ongoing Risk Management

Our commitment to a long-term relationship with our merchants means we are continuously helping our merchants to use the latest methods and technologies to reduce and avoid chargebacks and manage the risk of their merchant services operations on an ongoing basis. We work closely with the underwriting and risk departments of our acquiring banks to help merchants identify ways to combat fraud, lower chargeback rates, win chargeback disputes, and lower overall risk, and thus overall processing costs to the merchants. High Risk Experts can help merchants reduce chargebacks by:

  • Providing access to fraud prevention tools like: AVS, CVV2, Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code, Geo-IP Address Match
  • Review of the merchant’s website and sales URLs to ensure that contact information, terms and conditions, and refund policies are clear and prominently displayed
  • Refine merchant’s refund policies and issuing of refunds and credits to ensure that they operating in a manner that will avoid chargebacks
  • Refine merchant’s recurring billing operations to ensure that they are operating in a manner that will avoid chargebacks
  • Review merchant’s shipping policies to ensure that they are ooperating in a manner that will avoid chargebacks
  • Helping merchants to use dynamic descriptors for multiple products or recurring billing programs
  • Aiding merchants to implement customer service  / member help websites and descriptors
  • Periodic descriptor review to ensure accuracy
  • Ensuring that authorizations are occurring correctly and in a timely manner

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