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International Merchant Accounts

High Risk Experts can provide an International Merchant Account for ecommerce merchants in international or emerging markets.  Focusing on the specialized needs of international merchant processing, High Risk Experts offers international merchant services tailored solutions for lower costs, faster settlements, and more efficient processing capabilities utilizing high quality payment gateways, the latest anti-fraud tools, and professional support and service.

Why Get An International Merchant Account?

Merchants located in emerging or international markets or ex-patriots living and doing business abroad often have difficulty obtaining high quality international merchant services due to their local financial institutions being unable or unwilling to provide international merchant processing. It is not uncommon for emerging or international markets to have a very small number of acquiring banks (one or two in an entire country). It is possible these acquirers may not even accept e-commerce or Card-Not-Present merchants at all, or they may have limited options for e-commerce merchants. A High Risk Experts International Merchant Account offers international credit card processing capabilities that may not be available with the local banks: easy to integrate API payment gateways, anti-fraud tools like AVS, CVV2, and 3-D Secure, multi-currency, and recurring billing.

Is an Incorporation required for an International Merchant Account?

It is not always necessary to incorporate. Our EU acquiring banks can support international merchant services in many different European countries as well as many supported countries outside of Europe. High Risk Experts can quickly determine a merchant's legal standing requirements for an international merchant account and provide incorporation services when necessary.

What are the Benefits and Features of a High Risk Experts International Merchant Account?

  • A direct international merchant account with unique descriptor.
  • Lowest possible international credit card processing discount rates, transaction fees, and reserves.
  • Unlimited sales volume for international merchant processing.
  • Virtual terminal API interface international merchant services payment gateway.
  • Multi-currency options for international credit card processing.
  • Settlement of international merchant processing twice a week to your existing business bank account.
  • Recurring Billing for international credit card processing.
  • Transaction Testing Environment provided for international merchant processing.
  • Professional support and service for international merchant services.
  • AVS, CVV2, 3Dsecure, Geo-IP Match with an international merchant account.
  • Ongoing Risk Management Services for international merchant processing to avoid and reduce chargebacks and fraud

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