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High Risk Load Balancing Merchant Account

High Risk Load Balancing Merchant Account Turn Key Solutions

Load balancing processing volumes between more than one merchant account can be an effective tool for monitoring transactions, tracking sales volume, mitigating risk, and reducing chargebacks. Merchants that have high transaction numbers, high sales volume, multiple product lines or sales urls, or work with affiliate marketers, could all potentially benefit from load balancing between merchant accounts. However, in order for the merchant to be successful with high risk load balancing, they must have the appropriate infrastructure in place to support more than one merchant account. Also, its important to note that the use of multiple merchant accounts, billing descriptors, or processors as a means of avoiding chargeback monitoring programs is prohibited.

Merchants with high numbers of sales transactions and sales volume can benefit from load balancing by dividing processing volume between multiple acquirers and creating redundant processing capabilities.

Merchants with more than one product or sales website, can use load balancing to provide more recognizable and accurate descriptors that are linked to each individual product line or website, reducing cardholder confusion, disputes, and chargebacks. The merchant can also better protect themselves from the chargeback risks associated with a failed product launch, or break down in the supply chain, by limiting the damage only to the account tied to the failing product line.

Merchants who work with multiple affiliate networks can use load balancing to better identify problem affiliates and insulate themselves from the effect of affiliate fraud.

In order for a merchant to implement high risk load balancing merchant accounts correctly, they must have the infrastructure to support more than one merchant account. Merchants with in-house development capabilities, strong customer service and support, and experience with ecommerce tend to have the most success at high risk load balancing. Providing dedicated customer support and risk monitoring to each merchant account / product line / sales url maximizes the benefit derived from load balancing. Merchants who want to avoid providing these types of services in-house can utilize a Payment Management Service or Platform to implement a load balancing strategy.

The Turn Key Solution: Payment Management Services

High Risk Experts merchants can access payment management services that provide merchants with a single solution for all of their credit card, electronic check, and alternative payments. Payment management platforms include:

  • A robust API Gateway with state-of-the art risk tools, a powerful back office and reporting, transaction load balancing, and a single integration for all payment methods and merchant accoounts.
  • A Customer Service Call Center handling all inbound call activity: refunds, customer satisfaction, save programs, and population of negative databases.
  • Chargeback Management: out-source dispute management to win more reversals and get the lowest possible net return ratio and protect your payment association performance

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Real-Time Anti Fraud and Chargeback Reduction

High Risk Experts provides Real-Time Anti Fraud Managment that works with your existing payment gateway and merchant account.

Benefits and Features Include:

Enhanced BIN analysis, Geo/IP address analysis, NameAddressCheck, ZipInfoCheck, PhoneInfoCheck, EmailCheck, Aba Bank Routing Numbers (ACH) and dozens of other fields that can be used to gauge the likelihood that a particular transaction is fraudulent or valid.

Numerous dynamically updated, independent databases are cross-checked instantaneously with transaction data.

Our statistical modeling is continuously optimized for individual merchant ROI. Each merchant’s unique historic and dynamic transaction data is used to build a custom model for predicting and preventing bad transactions, while also maximizing sales revenues.

Sub-second response times, competing systems can take 3 seconds or more.

We handle all kinds of transactions, including credit card, ACH, PayPal and alternative payment methods.

With our substantial experience and knowledge in fraud prevention, we interpret the data we have for each merchant and make recommendations to guide the merchant in the approve/deny process for each transaction. But in the end, the control over the final decision to accept or deny each transaction belongs to you, not to us.

Easy Implementation, Simple Integration.

No Set-Up Fees. No risk to try.

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