Why you Need an Offshore High Risk Merchant Account

Why a High Risk Merchant Needs an Offshore Merchant Account

Why a High Risk Merchant Needs an Offshore Merchant Account 

A high risk merchant can find solace and satisfaction in an offshore merchant account for a number of valid reasons. One of the alluring packages of an offshore merchant account is the faster than usual approval rate. Domestic banks take at least weeks to review a high risk merchant's application while a provider of an offshore merchant account can process an application in 24 hours.

Perks and Galores

It's not just the time difference, but the acceptance as well. When a high risk merchant applies for an offshore merchant account, chances of being approved before the sun sets the next is higher. This is due to the fact that offshore banks don't seriously consider a merchant's credit rating or business history. As long as all the paperwork are filed in due time, then it's all set.

Also, a high risk merchant gets to enjoy reasonable rates, as opposed to notions that offshore merchant accounts have absurd fees. Thing is, offshore merchant account providers tend to waive the average merchant account fees to achieve high customer retention. Other features that a high risk merchant can enjoy by getting an offshore merchant account includes:

  • recurring billing

  • fraud prevention tools

  • 24-hour technical support

To add cherry on top of the cake, so to speak, a high risk merchant can take advantage of greatly reduced taxes since they are based in countries with few or without tax liabilities.

Reputable banks who can deliver reliable an offshore merchant account to a high risk merchant are located in France, Germany, or another country in the European Union.

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