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Travel Merchant Account News: Lure the Canadians!

Travel Merchant Account News: Lure the Canadians! 


Latest news reports related to travel merchant account is that more Canadians are making tours to the U.S. We could owe this numbers to the dollar, which has been on the rise for the last few weeks, hit almost 99 cents Tuesday and talks of travel to the neighboring U.S. are cheaper than ever.

Take this travel merchant account tip, to fully get their attention, make sure to offer tour packages that they have saving to go to. Surveys reflect that Canadians would pick Disneyland as their top destination, followed by motorcoach touring. Cruises and charters still make the list. So, make sure to arrange stays at the famous and hip beaches.

But hey, we're not trying to kill the Canadian tourism here. As mentioned, more of their natives come to the land of the opportunity because of the economic value of the U.S. dollar. What you should keep in mind is that people will travel if they have the funds. Real life slaps us with the fact that even though there are a lot of discounted travel packages, it is still costly to travel . As a travel merchant account holder, you should take into serious consideration this fact. Your goal is to make traveling a reachable thing not only for those who have fat accounts, but for all who wish to see breath-taking places out of their comfort zone.

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