CVV2 Verification for High Risk Merchant Account

The Importance of CVV2 for Ecommerce Sites

The Importance of CVV2 for Ecommerce Sites  

There's this blog like almost three months ago that 50% of ecommerce sites do not require a card code verification or popularly known as CVV2 , from their customers. The reason: sales are higher minus this process. Wanted to write a reaction 'bout it but never got to that part until now. Well, here it is.

Intrigued was the first emotion that I felt. I mean, getting the CVV2 is a standard practice either by physical storefronts and customer service departments of credit card companies. When a customer gives the wrong code at least twice in a row, they are smoothly verified by the fraud detection department. This code consisting of 3-4 numbers at the upper right corner at the back of the card can definitely make a difference in your ecommerce business. Here's why:

  • effective fraud preventor
  • prudently reduces chargebacks
  • verifies the validity of the credit card account number

CVV2 is just one of the card-not present fraud-prevention tools. By indicating the code during an online purchase, it will go through a series of verifications and you will be informed if the customer's card is open and if there is a match. When you're assured of a valid transaction, then chargebacks are less likely to incur because the customer gave critical personally identifiable information and they themselves will be cautious to make any purchase. When the information goes through and verifies every information needed, you can be assured that the card is not tampered because every CVV2 is uniquely matched to the account number.

Online transactions have higher risks for fraud basically because it involves card-not present processing. So, it is deemed best and safest to get your hands on any tool that'' make sure that you'll not encounter fraud, that if encountered, can loose you more than you invested for.

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