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Online Gambling gets support from EU Commissioner

Online gambling has found a great and solid support from someone in the high places, a European Union commissioner. It has been known that the European Union has been strongly rooting for the empowerment of online gambling. The support comes from their sincere belief that online gambling has been contributing more positive economic points. The moral angle is still debatable, but in a businessman's POV, it's one of the better endeavors to go into.

Since a U.S. law has prohibited financial institutions, local banks and processors alike, to process transactions from online gambling sites, owners of online gambling have declared a considerable loss of profit and some have even declared bankruptcy.

EU commissioner Peter Mandelson came to Washington a few days ago to repeal the law. Main motivation for this appeal is that European online casinos have suffered and lost much since the U.S. is a big source for online casino players. There have been also appeals forwarded to the World Trade Organization in order to pose sanctions for being deliberately kicked out of the U.S. market.

The battle for preserving online gambling still has a long, long way to go. Even if protests and high-powered personalities make appeals, thing is, there's already a law being implemented against online gambling. Unfortunate as it may seem, it will a lot more than wishing and hoping for online gambling to be accepted with open arms.

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