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Securing The Business Of Business And Financial Experts

Business services offered include advice on success formulae for reaping gold in specific areas of business, increasing savings with the same income, and management of financial elements for ensuring commercial continuity. These comprise the business dealt with by Business consultants, debt consolidators and financial consultants. They provide expert advice on improving efficiency, the value of businesses and optimization of resources, and remain updated with the competition in the respective industries. Debt consolidators guide on methods to curb outflow of cash towards unyielding channels like loan repayments and instead divert them towards funds that cause fewer liabilities. A practical example is that of multiple quick loans taken from different agencies are replaced by a single big loan offered with discounts on any condition. The cash saved is utilized to build on the savings, while there may not be any marked increase in income during the time period.

Reduces the risk of others, but falls under high-risk

A reliable, dedicated and secure payment processor that takes care of their inward cash flows, monetary channels for company operations and further strengthens their economic value, is mandatory for any consulting firm. Payments in this sector are mostly done through online or a virtual terminal, because:

  • Consultation services are not delivered physically, but submitted through electronic communication, thereby making the role of an internet gateway significantly dependable.

  • Communications within the business and with the clients are mostly in the form of documents, digital signature, and signals, which can be conveniently conveyed through digital networks. Hence, the operations result in digital money transfers.

  • The nature of business attracts clients and engagements from different locations, that again necessitate the service of a payment gateway.

  • The procedures deal with sensitive and legal data that form the core of the clients. Therefore, financial transactions need transparency and security.

  • It improves the client comfort by offering a convenient way of payment rather than having to do painful application process for drawing and carrying money or the strenuous check drafting for a distantly located consultant.

  • Most of the big clients might continue with satisfactory consultation and recurring bills get generated on a timely basis.

In spite of such a laudable area of working, these skilled merchants are classified as high-risk customers in the evaluation of High Risk vs Low Risk by payment processor providers and multiple underwriting banks. The primary purpose of financial and business advisors and debt consolidators is to help the clients from financial risks to attain their business goals. They also carry out market analysis, risk assessment, strategy planning, asset management etc. All of these activities result either in strengthening or weakening the clients’ profile. The risk of meeting failures of proposed strategies almost equals that of the chance of achieving business advantage. Chargebacks, cancellations in between various proceedings are a regular occurrence and situations with Card Not Present reports earn them the loss of reputation. The merchants have to rely on a fool-proof secure channel to manage their cash flows, handle ACH Processing/Check Processing, POS payment processing, accept credit and debit cards with Visa/Mastercard/Discover/Amex and real-time terminals to transmit payment signals.

Approaching online merchant account providers

The digital market and tough competitive environment have impelled the merchants yielding financial and business services not to get pushed to the back foot due to the insufficiency in offering ease of interactions to their customers. Since they are considered as high-risk merchants owing to the reasons aforementioned, acquiring online merchant accounts is a testing process.

Not all doors are closed for them because business has always solutions to those who display firmness in attaining goals and reinventing themselves for the sake of healthy survival. Many firms have recognized the importance of their Startup/Business, and how vital they are to other ventures or individuals. These friendly account providers work exclusively for cooperating with business, and financial consultants and trained handlers of third-party assets by providing payment platforms tailor-made for their requirements.

As a startup, they offer many discounts such as no application fees, no setup fees, and no rolling reserve requirements. Getting a domestic account or retail ACH Processing/Check Processing is not at all a troublesome step. For the remaining services, the performance highlights of the merchant matter the most. You can get your account opened as quickly as in a day when the provider is convinced of your credibility and method of functioning.

The rates levied on various facilities provided to you by the firm probably arrive on mutual discussions so that you are not deprived of your hard-earned profit and the firm is not discouraged by the lackluster returns from the deal. Summarizing, the consulting merchants have to remember that Rates Vary by Startup vs History when you approach a high-risk merchant account provider, but it becomes a reality when you furnish your rich records of customer appreciation and follow-up clients.

The scope has gone beyond the brick and mortar setup

We can still see many consulting firms working from the physical office setup, but what we cannot see up front is that their clients and the channels of working are located erstwhile. No matter where they coordinate into the project or when they get included in the process, they end up in a single file. For example, consider a financial consultant working for a pipeline laying company. The company will be working on a single site within the vicinity of the consultant. The tools and machines will be a mix of imported, locally purchased and leased or rented ones. Even a single item cannot be left out on billing and there should not a discrepancy in values. The legal documents have to be submitted to a central regulatory council and permissions may have to be obtained from a local authority. Imported items have to be paid by a currency exchange or at the highest level of complexity, the client company will be a subsidiary of a foreign conglomerate, making the invoices to be made to their central bank. The underlining statement is that the payment platform you are relying on the continuity of your high-risk activity has to foresee the domestic and the off-shore scopes of consulting.

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