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An easy way to increase revenue

The adult entertainment industry is considered as one of the industries that are growing rapidly in the world. One could easily make money in this industry as the demand is ever growing. There are various businesses that come under this industry like selling sex toys, escort services and so on. However, for the survival of the business in the adult entertainment industry, the business should have the capability to process all the debit or credit transactions. If the business needs to process the transactions of Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, etc, they should have an account with the acquiring bank. There are few industries which are categorized as high risk and not all the merchant banks provide service to these industries. The adult entertainment industry is one such industry which falls under this category.

Online merchants

Cash payment has become less popular means of conducting transactions and payment through online methods like a debit card and credit card are gaining wide popularity. Also, people resort to online websites for buying sex toys or for booking escort services because of the discretion the online sites provide. Hence, the revenue generated by the online sites of the adult entertainment industry is increasing day by day. All the business that is planning to sell their products or service online is required to open the merchant account in order to accept the payments made using the card. This account is offered by the payment processor which receives funds from the card sales. The merchant account enables the adult entertainment business to accept the payments through multiple means. These funds that are deposited in the merchant account will be transferred to the regular bank account of the business from where the business could withdraw the money. The application process to open the account is quite simple and easy. There are multiple underwriting banks from where one could open up the account. Having an online merchant account also helps in making the payments through iPhone/Droid mobile apps.

Benefits of merchant account

  • Increases revenue and sales- There are many studies conducted on the behavior of the customer which shows that if given an option to use the card instead of cash in this adult entertainment industry, they will choose the card option. All the businesses that have started accepting card payments have seen a drastic increase in their sales. This will directly impact the overall growth of the business.

  • Better management of money- Accepting the card payments will help in streamlining the way the business handles the transactions. Rather than counting the cash, these electronic payments will help in keeping everything organized and allows better management of cash flow.

  • Avoid bad checks- The business can avoid the cost and all the hassles associated with check bouncing.

Why few of the industries are denied approval by the merchant account providers

There are few industries which have a restriction on accepting the payments by popular banks like an adult entertainment business. Most of the banks decide on offering the service on the basis of high risk vs low risk. The businesses which have a restriction on getting approval are listed below:

  • Financially-risky business- The merchant account provider loses money if the business becomes insolvent or bankrupt. When the business becomes insolvent, they might fail to deliver the services or goods that have already been sold.

  • Regulated businesses- Few of the businesses are regulated heavily by the authorities. These businesses would be considered legal only if they comply with the industry rules. However, these rules would be quite stringent and tough to follow. The possibility of a shutdown of the business is high due to the non-compliance of the law.

  • High risk of fraud cases- Few business types attracts more cases of fraud as compared to others. Illegal dealings will be quite common. However, the businesses in these categories will not be problematic inherently but it will need additional help or scrutiny in the prevention of fraud.

Startup- online merchant for the adult industry

Processing the card transactions are very much vital for the survival of a new business in the adult entertainment industry. If your business is a startup in the adult industry, we offer the service of accepting and processing credit cards, gift cards, debit cards, etc. We don’t charge any processing fees and offers affordable service to the newly established organizations. Credit card processing can be customized according to your requirement.

We are here to support the companies, especially the startups who are declined the service by the major underwriting banks. Without the capability to process the cards, the business will lose sales, income, revenue, popularity, and customers.

Apart from offering round the clock friendly service by our customer care to startups, we also help in setting up the offshore accounts with international financial service providers. Offshore accounts help the business to process the cards for all the payments done in foreign currency.

Offshore options

Offshore accounts are a great solution for an adult entertainment business that finds it difficult to get the approval for credit card processing from domestic banks. The offshore account could be acquired at the lowest rates with no limits in processing. The benefits of partnering with an overseas financial service provider are listed below.

  • Potential tax savings- Few of the offshore account holders will be able to save money on government fees and taxes when using international processing with the overseas banks.

  • Credit card processing of all major cards- Offshore accounts will accept all the cards that are common.

  • Secure fraud protection- Typically, the offshore accounts process the card payments through an online server that is very much secure. It will verify the identity of the customer and protects one from fraud.

  • Immediate payment- Using the option of online payment processing, the business can accept card payments round the clock and it does not matter if it is day or night. It makes it very much convenient for the customers and helps in maximizing the business’s sales potential.

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