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Can Multilevel Marketing Make a Merchant One Million Richer?

Can Multilevel Marketing Make a Merchant One  Million Richer? 


This question may seem pointless to ask. Mainly because people are at most skeptical about multilevel marketing, also known as networking. Even some merchants who have their eyes set on this lucrative business are hesitant because they might be perceived as scammers. Sad, but true, since multilevel marketing has been contextually linked to pyramid schemes, which has been used as a scamming channel for the scrupulous minds.

So, seems you as a multilevel marketing merchant have all the reasons in this world to not continue risking your investment in this highly controversial industry. But, there's a silver lining in the gray clouds, so to speak. If you know how to make the right moves, you can become a millionaire even if you haven't bet in a lottery game.

Sounds impossible, right? Well, you have just to keep in mind that nothing is impossible, the impossible just takes longer to happen. The practical key in keeping the flow of funds in a multilevel marketing setting is to continuously talk and recruit at least 100 different people in a week's time. Comfortably sitting at home after recruiting at least 10% out of your initial 100 potentials isn't going to do you good in the long run. Well, there are times that you can actually recruit while sitting at home. But you have work your way in advertising. You can either advertise the product or service or come up with catchy tips regarding the product or service and then inserting the networking strategy.

If you get to market to 200 people in a week's time, realistically, you can only officially recruit 20 out of them, which will give you $20 per person, making you earn $400 that week. Then, if these 20 people can achieve similar results, you'll get $2 again., then the list goes on. Doing the math can be overwhelming, but the most important thing is knowing that it is possible. Multilevel marketing can definitely make your bank account reflect those much sought after seven-digit account balance.

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