Selling Products and Services Online High Risk Merchant Account

Unbeatable Techniques in Buying and Selling Online

How do people buy online? There's no mystery to it. The world wide web is constructed such that when people want to buy online, they just scan the pages and spot the most conspicuous objects in their vision. If you know what you're looking for in a figurine store, you don't look at every single crystal or ceramic on display (unless you're OC). You don't even stop at one store to buy as soon as you get inside the mall (unless you're a patron). This buying pattern of your customers occurs whether you're selling brick and mortar, or whether you own a low risk or a high risk merchant account store.

Giving your customers a hundred and one benefits to buying your product or services is common sense rule. But how do you exceed their expectations? Make it easy for them to find where they need to go to buy. In short, create your web copy in a way that would highlight the prices and the step by step procedure in taking their goodies home.

But that's not the end of the story. Your visitors come to your site expecting to see a regular online store with regular run-of-the-mill features. It would be a surprise if you can provide live demos, freebies, trial downloads, and other unique extras to feed their hunger for nice stuff. It's not just because you want to pamper them, but because you want them to experience first hand what your product or service is all about before having them commit to buying it. When all's said and done, they will leave your door satisfied and hopefully, come back wanting for more. Provide upgrades and 24/7 live support as well as FAQ page, autoresponder, blogs, webcasts, podcasts, and forums.

We all like cheap but fancy merchandise. But there's actually a twist to selling big-ticket products and services. In fact, we're told that the more expensive the stuff you sell, the more people will wonder and find out whether your stuff is worth buying. Selling cheap goodies may mean you're also vending mediocre products. The best way to figure out your prices is to research competition and sell only the best you can offer. As I've mentioned before, make it easy for your visitors to look around till they reach the cashier area with hands full.



Always give the impression that you're using a first-rate credit card processor or a secure high risk merchant account provider. All transactions are based on trust. Customers must get the gist of your information security policy beginning with their credit card details.

If you can, do not discount adding testimonial section to your e-commerce website. Not only does it boost your credibility, it also gives your customers a room to express their opinion about your products or services. This encourages more experimentation for improvement on your part.

The quicker your buyers get access to the product or services they buy, the more trust you earn from them. A lapse of two or three days may encourage them to change their orders and file for chargeback. The pitfall of selling e-books is you are highly vulnerable to download theft. But take heart. Take a look at my article "Homemade Remedy for Download Theft" to see what you can do to prevent this from happening.



A money-back guarantee is all you need to show your customers that as a high risk merchant, you're not out to scam anyone. However, there's a disadvantage to giving them this guarantee. It may mean you're not confident enough with your product or service or that you're offering it above normal price. Customers are smart enough to figure this out so you can only experiment with this option sparingly.


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