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Ins and Outs of Adult Credit Card Processing

Ins and Outs of Adult Credit Card Processing 


Processing for credit card transactions for your adult business is almost just the same as your average credit card processing in let's say a restaurant or a retail store. There are just a few operational differences when it comes to handling adult credit card processing.

Distinct characteristics

One of the unique features of adult credit processing is that you can do transactions either in card present or card non present scenarios. A card present fits your profile if you are a Point-of-Sale (POS) or a retail adult merchant, and a card-not present situation is ideal if you are an adult Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) or an adult internet merchant.

It is safest to say that as adult merchant, you find it more appealing and profitable if at least you have an online counterpart. The internet has become the most feasible place for almost any type of business both imaginable and unimaginable. Taking advantage of the card not present processing lets you also fully utilize the advanced and efficient features of payment gateway, which can process credit card payments for your adult products and services. Also, as an adult merchant, the you can incorporate the recurring billing option in your credit card processing either in card present and card not present transactions. Recurring billing assures of a stable income generation every month from your customers.

But there's one thing that you should watch out when it comes to adult credit card processing, the infamous chargeback. This unwanted charge occurs when a customer disputes the credit card transaction that was made under your business. Once the dispute is filed and found reasonable, your bank or processor makes a refund to the customer and then issues your adult merchant account a chargeback to make up for the refund they issued. Since adult businesses have a more or less gray reputation, customers gain the upperhand in saying that they did not made any transaction with your business. Sad, but true at certain times.

The perks and downside of adult credit card processing for your adult business are inevitable. But this setbacks should not let your spirit down. It might, or let me rephrase that, there will be dark and difficult times ahead, but in the course of it, by finding the flexible adult merchant account provider, then it will be all good.

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