Escort Service High Risk Merchant Account

Why Escort Services Need High Risk Merchant Accounts


Why Escort Services Need High Risk Merchant Accounts

Companionship has always been the most-sought after experiences for everyone of us. People would fall in love, get married, get divorced, and eventually move on to find another companion because no one would simply be able to live without it. Not counting your 55-year old grinch of a neighbor who never wanted seeing sunlight pour through his window nor see children playing outside his fence, of course. Bottom line is that you may be single, married, divorced, widowed, swinging, etc., but you still would look for a someone to share experiences with you. Paid or not. Right?


I never paid anyone for companionship, though of course if I did, it came in other forms like a trip to the Japanese restaurant or a piece of sexy T-shirt in the department store. And it would have to be a close friend, another girl and not a guy! But of course it's because I'm a woman. Men would most likely pay, especially if we're talking escort service. That doesn't mean all escort agencies employ women. Generally, there's more women employed than men, and if there's a mix of gender in a particular escort agency, it's rare.

Escort services are legal, they are taxed, and usually they are built with the help of a high risk merchant account provider. The case of fraud involved in the escort service business is due mainly to the fact that it's being advertised and transacted online. Offline, an escort may cheat on a client by pretending she needed to take something back from the car as soon as she gets paid. And then disappear. Online, a client may arrange for an escort service to be scheduled when he visits the town, but get ripped by credit card hackers.

That's why the help of a high risk merchant account provider is indispensable. A good one will have an efficient payment gateway system and a host of anti-fraud tools that prevent credit card hacking. Operators of an escort service who have a huge clientèle base will also find great benefit in the flexible accounting methods such as daily/weekly/monthly statement reporting and affiliate program management.


If you've ever visited an escort website service, you will find that it's a lot like shopping for a particular product. You can visit the profiles section and see which girls fit your description of a good escort. You may be going on a social dinner and will want a glamorous looking lady. You may be just hanging around and will want some simple girl to spend time with talking, going to the movies and bars. Either way, browsing through the escort service website will give you a good idea of which escort to select and eventually book with the escort agency.

Through the escort service website you can also send messages to the escorts, post comments and requests, or simply join the forum if it provides one. Finding a companion may be tough or easy. It may also be a source of frustration of if you pick the wrong escort. But good escort agencies that operate with the help of a high risk merchant account provider will always assure you that your credit card transactions are safe. Booking with them is always a breeze.


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