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Rabbi roots for local dating service

You can expect support for dating service from the romantics, at least, but from a rabbi? Well, to each his own.

Rabbi Donald Weber of Marlboro, New Jersey, endorsed the popular Jewish online dating service, JDate.com to emphasized that there's good in dating someone from the same church or also studies the Kabbalah. In one of his sermons, he has expressed support for JDate.com and that there is a need to endorse a program that plays matchmaker to single American Jewish people.

"We need you to look at Jewish people when you're dating," Weber said. "There aren't a lot of us around. ... You're going to have to look in specific places. Number one? JDate. No joke. Half the weddings I'm doing now are people that met on JDate."

As expected, the endorsement also pulled in a lot criticisms, especially on his rationale on supporting the dating service. Critics interpret the endorsement as being biased to mixed pairings. But then again, at the the end of the day, even if you date a dozen, you'll go for the one who has the spark, regardless of religious affiliations, right?

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